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Toy shop applications.

Billing software is providing user friendly control to generate designer used for Brochures designs and more. Billing Software is include Login details used for secured authentication, Entry Details, Generate invoices, Income details and Expense, Client details, work start date and End date details. Master page include client details and related printing bill details. Backup and Restore of Database.

Especially SMS send to client, When project register in database after that when finishing project bill automatically delivered to client mail id. Customer has wish to like that bill format designs.

Instant access to reports & inventory

AIncludes Cost Estimation Tool

Detailed reports

Works from any computer

Excel import/export

Credit card / Debit Card Integration Facility

Manage Inventory, process sales

Multiple Employees

Simple to use interface

Integrated Price Label Printing

Customer Tracking

Track sales tax

Graphical Reports

Daily Sales Report

Strict control on raw material supply and payment

Supports mixed payment tender type like part cash, part credit card, etc.

Support for retail invoice [invoice to Customer] and tax invoice [invoice to another VAT / Sales-tax registered trader].

Comprehensive Customer master makes catches all data required to do analysis like type of Customer, shipping address, permanent address, personal details, etc.